Congratulations on your new Fris Smart Tracker and welcome to Laka!

Laka has collaborated with Fris to combine Fris’s best-in-class GPS tracking and recovery services for your E-bike, alongside Laka’s market-leading E-bike insurance. Laka’s Customer service team is ready to process your claims and answer any of your questions!

Here you will find out everything you need to know about your Laka insurance and how you as a Fris customer can take full advantage of it!

Laka’s 5-star Customer service team is ready to process your claims within 72 hours and answer any of your questions!


Thanks to Fris’s smart tracker, in the event of theft, your E-bike can be located and recovered. If your E-bike cannot be found, is damaged after recovery or if parts have been stolen, you can relax knowing that you have comprehensive mobility protection.
Included in your cover:
Theft from home
Theft away from home
Accidental Loss by 3rd party
Partial Theft (such as battery)
Damage in the event of a theft
Accidental damage or vandalism
€200 Emergency Expenses
Cover includes as standard any assessment costs required to repair your E-bike, and the cost of getting a replacement E-bike or part delivered to you from a dealership
EXCLUSIONS: Fat-bikes, or any electrically assisted pedal bikes with tires over 3.0"/7.6cm in stated diameter, cannot be insured through Laka in partnership with Fris.


Laka x Fris Basics

What types of bikes can I cover?

This offer is exclusive to E-bikes. You cannot cover regular bikes, road or racing bikes, or E-cargo bikes using this offer.

EXCLUSIONS: Fat-bikes, or any electrically assisted pedal bikes with tires over 3.0"/7.6cm in stated diameter, cannot be insured through Laka in partnership with Fris.

About Laka

Started in 2017, Laka set out to transform bicycle insurance by connecting passionate cyclists all over Europe to form a community and protect their bikes. A better model for insurance was born through their revolutionary method and their 5-star rated customer service. Now with the Fris partnership, Laka cover is embedded into your Fris subscription.

When does my insurance start?

Your insurance will start as soon as you sign up for a Fris Smart Tracker for E-bikes and Bicycles that includes insurance, and you will be covered until the expiry date of your subscription.

What happens when my Fris subscription ends?

If you renew your subscription with Fris, your insurance will automatically activate for the same length as your Fris subscription. If you do not renew, your insurance will come to an end. You can get in touch with Laka to organise cover for your E-bike directly with us if you decide to not renew your Fris Smart Tracker subscription.

What if I am under 18 years old?

If you have a E-bike with a Fris smart tracker that you would like to insure with Laka but happen to be under 18 years old, we do require an over-18-year-old guardian or parent to activate the insurance on your behalf. To do so, please have them fill out their contact details when activating your subscription.

What e-bikes can I add to my insurance?

You can add as many E-bikes via Fris as you like. If you add a second Smart Tracker to an additional E-bike, and you activate insurance, the second E-bike will be added to your Laka account. This offer and setup is exclusive to Fris Smart Tracker customers and you cannot add other types of E-bikes that aren’t part of a Fris subscription to this policy.

What if I cancel my insurance before the 12 months end?

You are contracted with Fris for the subscription package, and this also applies to your cover with Laka. If you have reasons to cancel your subscription, please contact the Fris customer service teams. In the case of a cancellation, Fris will instruct us to cancel your cover on your behalf.

How do I submit a claim?

When you activate a new policy with us, we will send you a welcome email. Included in that email is a claim link - you can use this to claim whenever you need to. You can also contact our team if you are unsure what to do, or you can’t find the link.


How can I contact the Laka team?

You can get in touch with us via Live Chat by hitting the speech bubble in the bottom left of this webpage.

You can also email us at:

We’re a friendly bunch that likes to help where we can, and loves to chat about e-bikes at every opportunity.

What happens when I make a claim?

When you make a claim, we ask you to record a video statement. It’s easiest to do this from your phone, you can upload the video directly into your claim. Don’t worry if you aren't looking your best, or if it isn't your day, we are mainly interested in what you say! Make sure that we can clearly hear you and that we can see your face.

To make the claims process quicker, please make sure to include as much of the following as possible:

Who you are and where you live

When and where the incident happened

How the incident happened

As a reminder, you’ll need to provide the following when submitting a claim:

A police report number

Photographic evidence you collected of the theft incident (if you were able to)

Evidence of your repair estimates from your e-bike shop in the case of damage

Proof of a Laka approved lock if the e-bike was stolen from a public location (see your insurance certificate for the full list of approved locks)

Claims at Laka are processed and handled in English, French, German and Dutch. If you need further language accommodations, or you have lost your claim link, please let us know by using our Live Chat using the speech bubble in the bottom left of the page, or contact us via

locking and storage

How can I keep my E-bike safe?

You must secure your bicycle to an immovable object at all times when parked away from your home and when a storage location is not solely controlled by you. You need to use a lock that complies with one of the below ratings:

ABUS (security 10 or higher)

VdS approved (A+ or B+) (AXA hiplock, Kryptonite, Linka (with a chain), Master lock, Texlock, Trelock)

ART (category 2 or higher)

FUB (2 wheels or higher)

Sold Secure Silver (or Gold)

U-Lock Onguard


Meeting these requirements is also the only way we can legally process your claim.

What is meant by “home”?

Your home is the address where your bicycle is usually kept, as shown on your policy schedule.

Your home must be a private storage location.

A private storage location is a secure, locked location, the access to which is controlled solely by you.

If you’re travelling with your e-bike, we’ll consider wherever you’re staying to be your home temporarily for up to 120 days.

Is my e-bike covered in my shed/garage?

Yes, your e-bike is covered when stored in a locked shed or garage provided it’s private, secure, and locked. You can find more information on this in your policy wording.

If you’re not sure about where to keep your bike, you can contact us via Live Chat by hitting the speech bubble in the bottom left of our website.


Who is going to recover my bike?
What if my e-bike is not recovered?

In the unfortunate case that your E-bike is not recovered, you can make a Theft claim with Laka using the link provided. If your E-bike is found, and your E-bike has sustained damage from the incident, you can also make a claim for this using the same link.